WARP Group Attend 2023 TMMA Conference for Employee Nomination

Warp Group TMAA

The Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA) is the industry’s peak body that aims to promote safety and professionalism in the traffic management industry in Australia. On the 23rd and 24th of March, the TMAA held an annual conference where industry leaders, professionals, and stakeholders came together to share knowledge and best practices and recognise … Read more


A career in traffic management can take you to many places. Most people think of traffic control as a job without much opportunity for career progression but that is in fact not the case. Starting with a basic traffic management certification can lead to an array of different future positions and lucrative job prospects. Basic … Read more

Traffic controller with stop slow sign

Are you thinking of starting a career in traffic control? With our traffic management courses at Warp Training Australia, we focus on all of our students and enable them with the skills and knowledge of best practice preferred by employers. At Warp Training Australia, our courses are designed and run by experts who actually work … Read more


The sight of Traffic Controllers by the side of the road – in Hi-Vis and usually carrying a sign is a common one in Australia. They are most often situated at worksites and roadworks when traditional traffic control measures like lights are insufficient for the job at hand.  The role of a traffic controller is … Read more


The Importance of First Aid There are many reasons why it could be important for you to learn first aid; you may have a family member with particular health risks, you may want to enhance your resume or your job may even require it, or you simply don’t want to be without the know-how before … Read more

Paramedics and a fireman strapping a wounded woman with a neck brace on a stretcher

It is an unfortunate truth that everyday life can present circumstances that will lead us to have to help someone injured in an accident. Whether coming across an accident in the thoroughfare or a fallen hiker on the trail, you may be called upon to administer first aid and make decisions that could save a … Read more

The first thing you need to know is that the Mainroads Western Australia Traffic Controllers Handbook is your ‘go-to’ reference with regards to traffic control. It outlines the seven key requirements, what to do when using night works, along with a list of good ideas to ensure all procedures are followed to the letter. As … Read more

If you intend on working near roads in Western Australia, it is a process likely to disrupt motor and pedestrian traffic. It is crucial that you learn how to minimise the impact of the works on those who use the road and ensure that no one gets injured because of the project. Our basic worksite … Read more

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An effective training program has to be designed with expertise, patience, and attention to detail. By understanding the nuances of a well-established training program, it’s easier to develop something that will deliver incredible results for your business. Here are some of the key steps involved in setting up a new training program. Seek Experienced and … Read more

A first aid kit in use

Your first aid kit isn’t just a place to store plasters for accidental scrapes and cuts. It can be a crucial piece of equipment that can help more serious incidents, but only if it is properly stocked. Here is what you should have in your first aid kit for your home and workplace to be … Read more

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There has always been a gap between good Traffic Controllers and good Planners. To be a good planner takes a lot more than just having an accreditation. A good Planner A good planner has extensive experience throughout the traffic management industry. This allows the planner to think about how traffic needs to be managed on … Read more

hiker with sprained ankle is helped by her friend with first aid kit for outdoor emergency

When it comes to first aid, we’ve all heard the tales growing up about how to treat various ailments. Unfortunately, sometimes these old wives’ tales can end up doing more harm than good, which is why it is incredibly important to separate fact from fiction. Here are some of the most common first aid myths … Read more

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It’s great that you are considering enrolling in one of the exciting training courses at WTA. Our professionally trained courses prepare you for the jobs that need doing and you’ll be ready to work from the moment you finish one of our classes. But preparing to take the course is as important as taking it … Read more

Mature Male Instructor Showing Cpr Training On Dummy To His Student

Warp Training Australia (WTA) offers a number of short courses that are highly respected and sought after throughout Western Australia. But what makes our courses great is not just the high-quality curriculum and materials, or even the needed skills our students learn throughout the course. The best part of our training programs, hands down, is … Read more

Highway Traffic Jam, cars on the road, due to ineffective traffic management

Can’t we all just… get to our destination faster? All I ask the universe for is to allot the appropriate time it should take me to get to and from work each day. For example, my workplace is 30 kilometres away from where I reside. Therefore it should only take a maximum of 45 minutes, … Read more

How to Get a Job In Traffic Control

Traffic management and traffic control workers (referred to as Traffic Controllers or “TC’s) continue to be in high demand in Perth, Western Australia. It’s no wonder that so many people are seeking out these type of jobs: they are rewarding, flexible, provide a great deal of opportunity to be outdoors, and provide a valuable and … Read more

On-Site Traffic Management Here Is The Cost: In February Main Roads Western Australia released an updated version of their code of practice, and one point really stood out for me. Section 8.2 Clarification – BWTM accreditation required on site when road workers are present Where traffic devices are used, all work sites shall have at … Read more

Paramedic training cardiopulmonary resuscitation to man in clinic

It is always beneficial to have someone around that has been trained in First Aid in case someone has injured themselves in the workplace or at home. First Aid goes much further than just being able to apply a bandage correctly or make sure the First Aid kit is stocked. First aid training is saving Australian lives … Read more

I recently ran into a number of familiar faces at a large special event I attended in the Perth city center. These interactions completely changed the way I view my job. I felt like I had changed the lives of people, for the better. A number of traffic controllers who were trained by WTA made … Read more

First Aid in The Workplace What would happen if an employee or a colleague was to suddenly collapse in your workplace? What if a loved one or family member suddenly collapses? Would you know what to do? Would anyone in your workplace or home know what to do? To become a First Aider will only … Read more

Who would be best suited to train the next generation of personnel in your industry? At WTA we believe the above question can be answered in two parts. Industry leaders who have vast knowledge and experience in their chosen field, who have spent years mastering and honing their skill set to deliver the best possible … Read more

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Unknown From engaging with industry WTA has identified that workplace training and up-skilling is viewed by many employers as a waste of time.  Why are training courses begrudgingly viewed as … Read more

Our students are our focus. WTA trains to ensure that our personnel leave with a level of comprehension and competency that delivers real value to their employers the moment they are back at, or start their job. WARP Group has been an industry leader in the traffic management & civil construction industry in Perth Western … Read more