Why I Love Training

I recently ran into a number of familiar faces at a large special event I attended in the Perth city center. These interactions completely changed the way I view my job.

I felt like I had changed the lives of people, for the better.

A number of traffic controllers who were trained by WTA made a point of coming up to me and letting me know what a difference the training has made to their lives. They were passionate about the work, loved what they were doing and were genuinely confident that they had been well prepared by the course to make a contribution to their employer from day one.

“WTA opens doors and creates futures”

The 3 students showed great motivation, leadership, initiative and a willingness to learn and understand during the course, especially during the practical component of the training. The students were regularly asking questions of the trainer in order to obtain a greater understanding of the reasons why we do what we do. Due to these reasons I had referred the students on to various potential employers as potential new employees, explaining to the HR teams of their great performance during the course and motivation to find gainful employment.

This is how WTA is working with the industry, training its students to the highest possible level of safety and professionalism and increasing the overall safety of the industry.

To be able to see the gratitude, appreciation and excitement in these guys’ eyes blew me away. It was by far the best pay cheque I have ever received.

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