What Makes a Great Trainer?

Warp Training Australia (WTA) offers a number of short courses that are highly respected and sought after throughout Western Australia. But what makes our courses great is not just the high-quality curriculum and materials, or even the needed skills our students learn throughout the course. The best part of our training programs, hands down, is the wonderful trainers that teach each course.


You can rely on the quality of our trainers because each is an industry professional with years of experience in their particular field. They have on-the-job experience in the industry for which they are now trainers, so they understand their industry from the inside perspective. Our trainers are also highly-skilled trainer/assessors who care about the success of their students, so you can feel confident that they are there to help you succeed as a student in their course.


At WTA we believe that in order to provide each industry with personnel that are prepared for the real world, the information being taught must be current. Each of WTA’s trainers are required to remain current in their skills and knowledge for their specialized industry. This is completed by our trainers continuing to work in their relevant industry at times when they are not in the training room. The advantage for the student in this situation is that when you ask one of our trainers a question, not only will they be thinking about the legislation involved, but also about how to apply best practice in the real world.


Great trainers like the ones at WTA are known for their reputation. The WTA team are committed to delivering the best-trained students with industry-relevant skills, supporting local businesses by providing a prepared workforce. Industry leaders turn to WTA time and again for their training needs because they trust that our courses prepare students for the realities of their industry as well as produce consistent results.


Our team of expert trainers is committed to supporting each and every student to be sure they have the knowledge and skills they need to be successful on the job. Our trainers set high expectations for their students while delivering high-quality instruction to help students meet those goals. Our training team is comprised of industry professionals with a passion for educating new students. Due to the learning environment created, each of our graduating students feels confident that they are well prepared by the WTA trainers to be successful on day one of their new jobs.

The WTA Team

At WTA, our trainers understand that classroom learning must be paired with hands-on experience in order to truly support students’ understanding of the material. Therefore, our trainers are expert at providing practical learning experiences that provide students with real-world application for their learning. Our team collaborate with our students to ensure that our instruction meets their learning needs and goals. They specialise in adult training, so they understand how to support adult learners from all walks of like through focused and hands-on learning and individual communication.

With professionalism and integrity, the WTA training team can provide many different types of educational courses for adults. Whether you are looking for a workplace trainer for upskilling your current staff or you are looking to earn an accreditation such as first aid, the skilled and professional trainers at WTA offer you the best choice. Contact us today to learn more about our short courses and how we can prepare you for the workplace.

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