Warp Training Australia’s Guide to Securing a Job in Traffic Control

Are you thinking of starting a career in traffic control? With our traffic management courses at Warp Training Australia, we focus on all of our students and enable them with the skills and knowledge of best practice preferred by employers. At Warp Training Australia, our courses are designed and run by experts who actually work in the industry and understand what is important, not only in regards to safety but also in regards to being a good employee. It is our aim to provide our students with the highest standards of education, practical training and best practice so they are able to provide value to their workplace.

So what are the steps to landing a job as a Traffic Controller? Here is our guide to securing your role:

1. Understand what working as a Traffic Controller is like
The best way to understand what it is like to be a traffic controller is to talk to someone who has been in the industry for years, working for one of Australia’s leading traffic management companies in various different roles. If you already know of someone, we suggest that you give them a call to talk about the finer details of being a traffic controller (and ask if they will consider helping you get a job once you have your tickets). If you don’t have anyone in mind, our head trainer Jacob Gliddon would be more than happy to walk you through all of this.

2. Learn how to be a good Traffic Controller
This is the part that can make or break your traffic control career. Some people believe that all traffic management courses are created equal, when in fact, we all know that you get what you pay for.

Our Traffic Management courses are focused on YOU, helping you to understand how to be a great Traffic Controller, not just giving you a ticket to prove that you can work to the minimum possible standard. This is going to prove useful when you start applying for jobs and ultimately help you to be a great employee once you start working.
What course you will need depends on what state you are in and I have included a link to each course below.

WA – www.wta.edu.au/course/basic-worksite-traffic-management-traffic-control/
QLD – www.wta.edu.au/course/qld-traffic-controller/

3. Apply for a job
There are many ways that you can find an employer that is looking for Traffic Controllers. Whether you search on a Jobs website such as seek, join a relevant social media page around traffic control or search for traffic management companies on google, there are plenty of companies currently looking for traffic controllers (and also a lot of people wanting to get a job). So when applying for a job as a Traffic Controller, you will need to find a way to stand out from the rest of the people applying (See below).

Our team work closely with leading Traffic Management companies. Many of our course participants have been recommended by one of our trainers (with their consent) and are now happily employed and making a solid living for themselves. We do not recommend everyone, and leaving our course with a recommendation is a privilege, not your right. Here is why;

If you have been booked into one of our courses by your employer, we value the relationship with your company and would not compromise this. It doesn’t fit in with our values.
If you have passed our course, yes, you are guaranteed to meet the minimum standard and be able to work as a Traffic Controller. This does not mean that you will necessarily be a great traffic controller or possess values that align with that of our team. We only recommend people who we believe will go on to make us proud.

4. Explain how you will be a good Traffic Controller
There are a number of important skills and traits that Traffic Control employers are looking for. Being punctual, reliable, respectful and safety-conscious are all important traits to possess as a Traffic Controller. However, a real bonus is being able to prove that you are going to help your company provide GREAT service to their clients.

If you sit one of our courses, all you need to do is explain exactly what you learnt throughout your course. As mentioned above, our courses are designed so that you understand how to be a GREAT Traffic Controller.

You will learn how your first day on the shift will work, what you can do to help save the client time, how to keep them safe, how to communicate properly on the worksite, how to manage a situation when things don’t go to plan as well as things that will upset a client or compromise your client’s safety or efficiency. Once you understand this, you can provide value from day one.
If you aren’t exactly sure what parts are important, be sure to ask one of our trainers throughout the course (or after).

All in all, a career in traffic control is what you make of it. If you would like us to point you in the right direction from the start and give yourself the best possible chance, start by reaching out to our friendly team.


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