If You Want a Job Done Properly, Do It Yourself

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Unknown

From engaging with industry WTA has identified that workplace training and up-skilling is viewed by many employers as a waste of time.  Why are training courses begrudgingly viewed as a necessity that offer no commercial value to the company or the student?  WTA believe solving this riddle is encompassed in one word;


If the training has no relevance to the industry it is being delivered to, how can we honestly expect an outcome for the student that’s holds some, if any, context to their day-to-day job role?  Teaching a man to fish will only work if they are trained by a skilled fisherman. This is why at WTA we partner with the leaders of industry who have acquired the knowledge and answers to ensure relevant, consistent high-quality training.

Train your own personnel! You understand your business and where training will add real value. Let WTA be your compliance partner and show you how. 

Operating and maintaining a RTO can be a monumental task that involves a great deal of knowledge, time and monetary investment. When faced with this obstacle, a lot of companies will see the venture as too great an exercise or non-core, and continue to use their current training providers and models. This is where WTA can solve the puzzle of compliant, relevant, nationally recognised internal training.

WTA’s main strength as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is compliance, which allows WTA and our partners to deliver nationally recognised training throughout the whole of Australia.  WTA have spent years building a robust foundation centred on compliance, a foundation which can transform the training-arm of your company from the ‘too hard basket’ into a simple solution.

A Co-partnering arrangement allows industry experts and leading companies to focus on training the next generation of personnel with their vast knowledge and experience, while WTA simplifies the task of compliance and provides support for all training packages delivered.

Great trainers, best practice compliance and well trained staff, all in house.

What does the next generation of training look like in your industry? Talk to the WTA team today!

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